Yellow Tartan Cat Bandana

Yellow Tartan Cat Bandana

$ 27.00


  • Yellow tartan with contrasting blue accents

  • Personalise by embossing your cat’s name on to the complimentary vegan leather tag

  • Our bandanas are double layered and finished with refined stitching as we believe the back of the bandana should be as equally as stylish as the front

  • The fabric is corduroy


Our cat bandanas are available in two sizes - 00 and 0. We have designed our bandanas to offer a more flexible fit to easily fold and create a custom neck circumference and height.

  • Our size 00 fits cats with a neck circumference up to 23cm
  • Our size 0 fits cats with a neck circumference up to 33cm


  1. Before washing the bandana, please remove the embossed vegan leather tag and attach the washable Velcro tag
  2. Place the bandana into a laundry bag when possible
  3. Machine wash without detergents and other cleaning products on a cold setting